Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence


Cairo”: BARILinks, Ashraf Gaber

China has been very active on multiple diplomatic fronts this year’s end as we outline its strategic supply chain developments in a unique report on its 2022 Russia trade, its developing ties with Cuba and far-reaching hi-tech A.I. deals with Saudi Arabia. We also show how Beijing is using currency swaps to shore up underperforming sovereign project investments with its friendly BRI allies. Russia continues to focus on India as a potential trade partner, while there are BRI-ripple developments in Central Asia and the Middle East as supply chain partnerships are enhanced along the Middle Corridor, while Iran and the UAE discuss some surprising strategic alliances – with Sudan about to be placed into the Asian supply chain routes. Both Venezuela, in possession of the world’s largest oil reserves, and Nicaragua, an emerging renewables energy play are also turning towards China and Russia and away from US influence, while Russia is also stepping up its trade efforts in Indonesia – ASEAN’s largest member country. We complete this issue with our usual roundup of all BRI global headlines.

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